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Take Your Facilitation Skills to the Next Level with
Advanced Restorative Breathwork

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Advanced Restorative Breathwork® Training Overview

The Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate Training is designed for those who are interested in higher levels of professional training. It offers a deeper study into the intricate relationship between breath, energy, and consciousness. Special focus is on broadening skills in interpreting and facilitating the directives of the innate breath. Students are introduced to an advanced sequence of restorative breath practices designed to unveil and transform energetic blocks locked deep within the human energy system. This approach initiates deep shifts in consciousness, fostering profound states of self-awareness and spiritual insight. Emphasis is on advancing personal and professional proficiency in working with the transpersonal dimensions of the breath. Applied practice sessions provide the experiential framework for enhancing skills in facilitating the advanced practices of Restorative Breathwork with confidence and authenticity. 

Training Structure

The Advanced Facilitator Training combines a live in-person event with online training and a comprehensive practicum. Our online learning platform includes training videos, audio lectures, and guided breathwork audios. This dynamic program is centered around a mentored practicum structured to provide in-depth professional training and hands-on supervision and support. Facebook live Q & A 's and video conferencing mentor sessions provide direct contact with Kathleen Barratt and faculty. It is primarily experiential, featuring diverse case studies with a high degree of hands-on work. Emphasis is on providing personalized instruction through observation and feedback to build confidence and skill in facilitating Advanced Restorative Breathwork. Upon successful completion of their practicum, students are eligible to take the Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate Exam

Prerequisites: Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate, a minimum of two years of maintaining a personal breathwork practice, and a minimum of one year professionally facilitating Restorative Breathwork.

Training Includes:
  • Moving deeper into the transpersonal dimensions of healing
  • Understanding the subtle body as a field of conscious energy
  • The esoteric practice of chakra breathing
  • Regulating and balancing a specific prana vayu through the breath
  • Essential keys to cultivating a self-directed breath practice
  • Creating homework assignments tailored to address individual needs and preferences
  • Advancing skills in facilitating an edge in breathwork
  • An Eastern breath practice designed to replenish and strengthen one's own energy field
  • An Eastern meditative technique to enhance third-eye development
  • Awakening the transcendent nature of the breath
  • Guidelines for deepening meditation in a Restorative Breathwork session
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Training Requirements:

  • Practicum of 50 documented individual breath sessions in Advanced Restorative Breathwork
  • Documentation of practice hours of assigned Eastern meditative techniques
  • Full attendance at a live in-person event
  • 10 private sessions with Kathleen and/or an Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator
  • Selected reading assignments
  • Monthly online mentoring sessions with Kathleen and an assigned mentor
  • Assisting in classes, workshops, and/or retreats
  • Two open-book exams
  • Submission of eight videos of practicum sessions assigned by Kathleen
  • Independent study project approved by Kathleen

Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of this program, students receive an Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Training Certificate of Completion. Students who receive this certificate are eligible to take the Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate Exam.


Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate Exam

The Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Training concludes with a written and performance exam. Students are required to submit two additional videos upon completion of the practicum, demonstrating skills in facilitating an advanced sequence of Restorative Breathwork practices. Primary testing is through the evaluations of these videos as well as a demonstration of skills during live breathwork sessions under the direct supervision of Kathleen Barratt. This performance exam is structured to meet the individual aspects of the student's apprenticeship, featuring diverse case studies. Students who successfully complete all of the above requirements receive a Restorative Breathwork Advanced Facilitator Certificate. Graduates with this certificate may use the description, "Restorative Breathwork® Advanced Facilitator," in all advertising and promotional materials.

Prerequisite: Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Training Certificate of Completion

Advanced Facilitator Certificate Extensions

Barratt Breath Institute recognizes its responsibility for maintaining high standards in teaching breathwork facilitation. Facilitator certificates are awarded on the basis of comprehension and mastery in facilitating Advanced Restorative Breathwork. Any students not eligible for this certificate upon completion of the training will be given the opportunity to apply for an extension. Extensions are individually based and are designed to fulfill the requirements needed to receive an Advanced Restorative Breathwork Facilitator Certificate.

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