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Meet Our Teachers

Kathleen Barratt 

 Founder & Director

Kathleen has over 30 years of professional experience facilitating and teaching Restorative Breathwork®, meditation, and bioenergy. Her work embodies an esoteric approach to the breath. Kathleen is an E-RYT 500 and holds a Master's Certificate in bioenergy healing from the Wirkus School of Bioenergy.

Angela Phillips

Master Facilitator & Teacher

Angela is an internationally recognized yoga therapist who has guided others to becoming 200 and 500-hour certified yoga teachers. She is trained in many styles of yoga, yoga therapy, and meditation, has a thriving private practice, and offers classes in breathwork, yoga, and meditation.

Gabrielle Gerard-Jenks

Master Facilitator & Teacher

Gabrielle has over 25 years of experience in teaching contemplative practices. She is a certified yoga therapist and an experienced Yoga Teacher. Gabrielle has a thriving private practice and also offers workshops and classes in breathwork, yoga, meditation, and somatic healing. 

Kathleen's breathwork system, Restorative Breathwork®, has evolved out of years
of study, personal practice, and experience with thousands of clients.

      More About Our Founder

A seasoned breathwork practitioner, Kathleen embarked on her transformative journey in the early 1980s. Initially drawn to methods emphasizing hyperventilation and intense emotional catharsis, her path eventually led her to the subtle and profound practice of breath meditation inspired by her over 20 years of study and practice in bioenergy with Mietek Wirkus. Her approach to breathwork transcends conventional methods, leaning towards a more yin practice rooted in Eastern philosophies.  Restorative Breathwork is an exquisite dance between following the breath without influencing it and modifying the breath in a manner that is "in the flow" with its natural rhythms. This rhythmic dance of the breath sequentially moves us inward into deep inner stillness, reconnecting us to the deepest part of ourselves.

As Kathleen describes it, Restorative Breathwork is a sophisticated breath meditation system with both physical and esoteric components. It offers a building-block approach that begins with restoring balance to the nervous system and increasing vagal tone. From here, breath practices focus on chakra purification to prepare the way for opening a gateway to the spiritual dimensions of the Self. Her unique approach cultivates a quality of inner stillness that fosters profound healing, renewal, and inner illumination. Restorative Breathwork is a pivotal tool in the spiritual awakening journey, firmly anchored in the esoteric philosophies of the Eastern science of breath.

Since 1993, Kathleen has been at the forefront of breathwork facilitator trainings, breath immersions, and meditation retreats. Her rich and successful private practice has touched the lives of thousands of clients, reflecting her profound understanding of the relationship between breath, energy, and consciousness. Throughout her esteemed career, Kathleen has conducted programs all over the United States, including at renowned institutions like Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Conference. Her participation in the Elizabeth Targ Research Project, exploring the influence of Bioenergy distant healing on AIDS patients at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, highlights her commitment to the practical applications of subtle energy healing. 

Kathleen and her team has dedicated her life to mastering and teaching Breathwork.
She has spent more than 30 years and 50,000 hours to pioneer Restorative Breathwork® 

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