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 Personal Intensive
with Kathleen


12 Private weekly sessions over
the course of 3 months,

Work directly with Kathleen in a 
 one-on-one setting

Customized approach to address the uniqueness of each individual

Kathleen Barratt invites you to embark upon an inner journey of healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening through the breath.

This 90 day breathwork immersion offers a customized approach that combines Restorative Breathwork sequences with other meditative practices to provide a powerful medium for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Sessions range from restoring calm and resiliency to the nervous system, promoting vibrant health and well-being, to accessing the spiritual dimensions of the Self, opening a pathway to inner illumination and awakening. In these sessions, Kathleen honors the uniqueness of each individual with a particular focus on correcting and balancing energy flow within the chakra system and the subtle body. 

Our breath is our connection to prana, our vital life energy

A free, smooth, and uninhibited flow of prana is vital in maintaining optimum health and well-being. Our breath is our connection to prana. When unrestricted, our natural breath is free, expansive, and uninhibited. It flows effortlessly in a rhythm pattern, drawing in and absorbing life prana. Due to poor breathing habits caused by physical and mental stress, our breath becomes inhibited, limiting our intake of prana, setting up energetic disturbances, and blocking energy flow. This dramatically undermines physical health and well-being. We free energy flow by dismantling tensions in the breath and their corresponding energetic disturbances. Attending to energy flow and allowing it to move more freely can have transformative effects on consciousness, physical health, and well-being.

The intimate relationship between prana and emotions

Dismantling tensions in the breath and restoring energy flow is vital in cultivating inner vibrancy and equanimity. As energy flow begins to move more freely, unresolved emotions in the body and mind begin to release. These repressed emotions deplete our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Restorative Breathwork advocates a gentle and integrative approach to emotional healing, one with roots in the traditional Buddhist practice known as mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness plays a vital role in learning how to release repressed emotions in a gentle and integrative manner. Staying present when uncomfortable feelings are awakened and experiencing them with loving acceptance can initiate profound shifts in consciousness. These shifts in consciousness literally transform us.

The transformational healing power of one-on-one breathwork

A breathwork facilitator's presence marks the difference between simply being guided through a breath practice or being transformed by a breath practice. Being witnessed with a loving presence can transform us. Group work can be quite powerful, yet sometimes being the receiver of a quality of presence that is truly present with you and your unique individuality can become the catalyst of profound breakthroughs. 

12 Private Sessions

An opportunity to access Kathleen"s
35-years experience in Breathwork.

90 Minute Sessions

Sessions are offered online via Zoom
and in-person in Roanoke, VA.

3 Month Commitment

Sessions are weekly to provide structure,
accountability, and support

Personal Intensive with Kathleen Barratt.

Working with Kathleen has been a life-changing experience for many of her clients. With the utmost sensitivity, skill, and grace, she has helped her clients in their path toward profound healing. For them, she is not just a healer. She is a guide “to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life's mystery.”


Kathleen works with a variety of practices, tailoring your personal intensive to support your individual goals and interests.

  • Restorative Breathwork® sessions, basic and advance
  • Bioenergy healing sessions 
  • Formal meditation training, basic and advanced
  • Eastern meditation techniques to deepen personal and spiritual development
  • Metaphysical and spiritual mentoring
Kathleen has dedicated her life to mastering and teaching breathwork and meditation.
She has spent more than 30 years and 50,000 hours to pioneer Restorative Breathwork® 


”The spiritual aspect of Kathleen's work really helped me feel safe, grounded, and surrounded by love. I was able to really be myself and explore my spiritual connection deeply in a non-judgmental setting with lots of support. The way Kathleen listens and brings such an open heart to sessions meant so much to me and made me feel at home and at ease.”

—Abigail Steidley, Master Life Coach & Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

"I have known Kathleen Barratt for over 25 years. I have known her as a breathwork facilitator,  teacher and friend; in every category she has enriched my life beyond measure. In private breath sessions with Kathleen I grew in heart. In group study with her I grew in mind, and in friendship she has helped me grow as a person. The wisdom and compassion exhibited by Kathleen is very rarely embodied in one individual and I am truly grateful for her presence in my life."

—Martha Cordell, Intuitive Life Coach, Light Transference Therapy

"I recommend this training wholeheartedly and, that being said, be warned: the healing that happens personally under Kathleen's expert care is not for the faint of heart–you must be ready and willing to expose and explore your shadow to walk toward bliss and true joy. However, if you commit to the path you will find joy, clarity, and connection with the Divine in the most exquisite ways."

—Nona Jordan, Master Coach, Guide, & Author