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 Private Mentoring
with Kathleen


Private Mentoring with Kathleen

Are you seeking stillness? A quality of stillness that fosters profound healing, renewal, and inner transformation? Do you feel disconnected from your inner radiance and long to unlock the full potential of your being? If so, we invite you to take the time for private mentoring with Kathleen. Through the ancient practice of breath meditation, Kathleen invites you to explore the transformative power of the subtle breath and embark on a journey of self-exploration and healing.

Deepen Your Practice with One-on-One Mentoring

Private mentoring is an opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance and support tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals. With Kathleen as your mentor, you'll have the space and time to explore the deeper aspects of your soul and discover the transformative power of Restorative Breathwork, formal meditation and other Eastern meditation practices. 

In her private mentor sessions, Kathleen focuses on refining skills in both basic and advanced practices. You'll learn how to work with the more subtle qualities of the breath to release emotional blockages and tap into your innate wisdom and intuition. 

Private Mentoring Structure 

Throughout all sessions, metaphysical counseling is interwoven, providing personalized guidance and support to address any underlying emotional and spiritual issues that may be holding you back. With Kathleen's guidance, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your true essence and unlock your full potential.

In addition to the guidance provided during sessions, Kathleen may also suggest homework and practices to deepen your experiences in breathwork and meditation. These suggestions may include journaling, self-reflection exercises, and daily practices to integrate the skills you've learned into your daily life.

You Will Receive:
  • One-on-one breathwork sessions tailored to meet individual needs and goals
  • Personalized guidance and support through metaphysical and spiritual mentoring.
  • Formal meditation training to deepen your experiences in breathwork 
  • Homework and self-reflection questions to support deep inner work
  • Strategies to integrate the skills you've learned into your daily life

8 Private Sessions

An opportunity to access Kathleen's
35+years experience in Breathwork.

90 Minute Sessions

Sessions are offered bi-monthly in-person or online via Zoom

4-Month Commitment

 Commitment is key to provide structure, accountability, and support

Private Mentoring with Kathleen Barratt

Private mentoring with Kathleen is an investment in your spiritual growth and personal transformation. By taking the time to work with Kathleen, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your true essence and unlock your full potential. You'll discover a new level of awareness and connection that will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.


Kathleen works with a variety of practices, tailored to address individual goals and interests.

  • Restorative Breathwork® sessions, basic and advance
  • Bioenergy healing sessions 
  • Formal meditation training, basic and advanced
  • Eastern meditation techniques to deepen personal and spiritual development
  • Metaphysical and spiritual mentoring
Kathleen has dedicated her life to mastering and teaching breathwork and meditation.
She has spent more than 30 years and 50,000 hours to pioneer Restorative Breathwork® 


”The spiritual aspect of Kathleen's work really helped me feel safe, grounded, and surrounded by love. I was able to really be myself and explore my spiritual connection deeply in a non-judgmental setting with lots of support. The way Kathleen listens and brings such an open heart to sessions meant so much to me and made me feel at home and at ease.”

—Abigail Steidley, Master Life Coach & Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

"I have known Kathleen Barratt for over 25 years. I have known her as a breathwork facilitator,  teacher and friend; in every category she has enriched my life beyond measure. In private breath sessions with Kathleen I grew in heart. In group study with her I grew in mind, and in friendship she has helped me grow as a person. The wisdom and compassion exhibited by Kathleen is very rarely embodied in one individual and I am truly grateful for her presence in my life."

—Martha Cordell, Intuitive Life Coach, Light Transference Therapy

"I recommend this training wholeheartedly and, that being said, be warned: the healing that happens personally under Kathleen's expert care is not for the faint of heart–you must be ready and willing to expose and explore your shadow to walk toward bliss and true joy. However, if you commit to the path you will find joy, clarity, and connection with the Divine in the most exquisite ways."

—Nona Jordan, Master Coach, Guide, & Author