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Discover the rejuvenating healing power
of the "subtle breath"and
transform your life


Take the first steps to inner stillness and foster physical, mental, and spiritual vibrancy with our free guided breath meditations

Inviting Stillness

Explore the ancient practice of breath awareness and find true inner stillness

10-minute guided breath practice

Guided Audio

Breath of Life

Relax and renew as Kathleen guides you upon an inner journey of the breath.

20-minute guided breath practice

Guided Audio

 Centering Meditation

Discover the breath's potential to foster inner stillness and equanimity.

15-minute guided breath practice

Guided Audio

Invite more space, stillness, and silence into your life. These guided breath meditations offer a pathway to finding that still point within, that silent space of being that awakens the quiet presence of the True Self.