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About Restorative Breathwork®

From Stillness to Awakening: Embark on a
Transformational Journey Through the Subtle Breath

With its roots in the Eastern practices of breath meditation, Restorative Breathwork offers a sequential process of moving into stillness: first the body, then the breath, then the mind, and then emptying into the deep inner silence of meditation. In this "inner quiet," we awaken to the quiet presence of the True Self and a deeper level of inner transformation available to us.

Restorative Breathwork is a contemplative practice that takes you on a transformative journey inward through the subtle breath. Working with the more subtle qualities of the breath offers a meditative approach to breathwork, one that invites cultivating a relationship of receptivity with the breath's natural movements. The subtle breath not only holds the key to finding true inner stillness but is also a gateway to accessing the spiritual dimensions of the Self, fostering greater self-awareness and inner illumination.

Imagine reconnecting with your true Divine essence, tapping into your innate wisdom, and experiencing a renewed inner radiance. Through Restorative Breathwork, the subtle breath becomes a trusted ally on your journey of healing, self-exploration, and transformation. With each breath, you awaken more fully to the transformative potential that resides within you.

From the ancient traditions of yoga and Buddhist

meditation to the enduring practices of qi gong and

tai chi, the breath has always been a powerful

vehicle for rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit.

The Secret of the Ancients
"The Subtler the Breath, the Deeper the Work" 

At the heart of Restorative Breathwork lies a gentle, yin approach, distinctively different from breathwork practices centered on hyperventilation or breath control. This method is akin to a poetic dance with the breath, where the art lies in attentively tuning into its subtle nuances without imposing our will upon it. It's about navigating the delicate balance between observing the breath without influencing the breath and modifying the breath in sync with its natural rhythms. This dance of effort and surrender invites a deeper exploration of the Self, leading to profound healing and inner transformation. 

By honoring the ancient teachings of Yogic and Buddhist traditions, Restorative Breathwork progressively guides the practitioner towards the still point within—a space where deep transformation occurs, not through force, but through the quiet power of the breath. It's a journey of doing and undoing, where the subtlety of the breath reveals the deepest layers of our being, reconnecting us with our True Self and our innate Divine essence.

The "Still Point" in the Breath
a Gateway to the Spiritual Dimensions of the Self 

The still point in the breath is a powerful component of the Eastern practice of breath meditation. It refers to a moment of stillness, a pause within the breath that naturally arises as our breath practice deepens. In the beginning, this still point in the breath can be rather short, yet settling into this silence, for even a little while, is immensely impactful. In this “inner quiet,” there is a vibrancy, a quality of consciousness that is transforming. As our breath practice matures, these moments of silence lengthen, enhancing an expanded awareness and inner vibrancy.

Restorative Breathwork embodies a deep appreciation for the vast potential of the still point in the breath. In restoring balance and resiliency to the nervous system through the subtle breath, we gain access to profound states of inner stillness, opening a gateway to higher consciousness and our own inner powers of healing and transformation.

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