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The Restorative Breathwork® Facilitator Training, invites you on transformative journey, into the heart of the ancient practice of breath meditation. At the core of this exploration are the Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy, a series of breath sequences that serve as the bedrock of your practice and facilitation. These breath sequences are intricately designed to bring into play the intricate relationship between breath and the finer qualities of prana, progressively leading practitioners into profound states of inner stillness. As you progress, you'll delve into the art and science of these sequences, learning to master and facilitate each one with depth and sensitivity. Embark with us on this path of discovery, where each breath sequence opens a door to healing, transformation, and greater self-awareness.

Pre-Course Assignments

Embark on this transformative journey with immediate access to the training platform upon registration. We have put together pre-course assignments, including a reading assignment, instructional videos, and a guided breath practice designed to prepare you for the first live class on January 20th.

Topics Include:

  • Exploring the scientific and esoteric theories of Eastern science of breath
  • Understanding the subtle body as a bridge between mind and body
  • The "Three Realms of the Breath," A unique mapping of the subtle body
  • Self-Inquiry of "Three Realms of the Breath"

Module 1 - Interplay of Breath and Energy: The Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy

This module guides you toward gaining an experiential understanding and personal mastery of "The Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy." a series of breath sequences that provide the framework for working with the "Three Realms of the Breath." Discover how habitual restricted breathing patterns caused by physical, emotional, and mental stress influence energy flow within a specific realm and its corresponding chakras and vayu currents. The "Five Stages" are designed to open up the movements of the breath in a specific realm, dismantling these tensions in the breath to free energy flow, fostering healing and transformation.

Topics Include:

  • Explore the fundamental principles and practices that form the basis of the Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy.
  • Stages One and Two: Opening up the movements of the breath in the lower realm, stimulating energy flow within the root and spleen chakras. And the apana and vyana currents.
  • Stage Three: Opening up the movements of the breath in the middle and upper realms, stimulating energy flow within the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras, and the Samana, Prana, and Udana currents
  • Stages Four & Five: Opening up the movements of the breath in the upper realm, stimulating energy flow within the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, and the prana and udana currents

Module 2 - Developing Skills in Facilitating The Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy

Module 2 shifts the focus from acquiring personal skills in Module 1 to learning how to facilitate the "Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy." The focus is on supporting students in developing the skills and insights necessary to guide others through the transformative journey of the "Three Realms of the Breath." Class instruction emphasizes transitioning from experiential learning to facilitating others into the subtle dimensions of the breath. Working with scripts and adapting to various individual needs is vital to this module. Emphasis is also on the importance of authenticity in facilitation, which stems from a deep, personal breath practice.

Topics Include:

  • Guidelines for facilitating "Self Inquiry of the Three Realms of The Breath"
  • Keys to facilitating the anatomy of movement of a specific realm of the breath.
  • Developing skills in guiding individuals through the Five Stages of Breath-Prana Alchemy, focusing on creating safe, supportive, and transformative experiences.
  • Timing, sequencing, and flow in facilitating resting phases during a course of a session

Module 3 - The Yogi Complete Breath, A Scientific and Esoteric Perspective

This module delves deeper into facilitating the Three Realms of the Breath. Our approach is progressive, with an in-depth exploration of the scientific and esoteric theories of each phase of the Yogi Complete Breath. Emphasis is on exploring the interrelationship between a specific phase of the complete breath and its impact on the flow of prana within specific chakras and vayu currents. You'll learn to facilitate each phase individually to regulate energy flow within a particular realm of the breath before integrating them into the formal practice of "Even Complete Breathing." The focus is on moving deeper into the interplay between breath and the finer qualities of prana,  unveiling a pathway to the transpersonal dimensions of the Self. 

Topics Include:

  • The Yogi Complete Breath, the fundamental breath of pranayama
  • The yogic practice of "Even Breathing," a progressive approach
  • Facilitating a specific phase of the yogi complete breath as a pranayama practice within itself
  • Exploring the impact of each phase of the complete breath on particular chakras and vayu currents
  • Facilitating the interplay of breath and the finer qualities of prana and its effect on the mind-body continuum
  • Being Trauma-Informed as a breathwork facilitator

Module 4 - Facilitating the Subtle Directives of the Innate intelligence of The Breath

This module focuses on developing skills in facilitating the subtle directives of the innate breath. Integrating resting phases during a breath session provides a dynamic mechanism to stimulate the breath's innate intelligence. As we learn to attune to this response of the innate breath, following its directive, we soon learn how to facilitate the breath in a unified, coordinated, and effortless manner. It is about learning how to relax and "undo," going with the innate breath's directive in our facilitation instead of trying to control the breath.

 Topics Include:

  • The scientific and esoteric theories of the "Innate Breath"
  • Interpreting and facilitating the innate breath's subtle directives
  • Refining skills in the art of language, voice, and presence in facilitating Restorative Breathwork
  • Identifying and yielding to "still points" in the breath 
  • Moving deeper into the subtle dimensions of the breath during a resting phase.

Module 5 - Facilitating an "Edge," a Doorway to Deep Inner Transformation

This module focuses on refining and deepening skills in facilitating the more subtle dimensions of the breath. Students will learn how to identify and facilitate an "edge." The "edge" is where the breath meets resistance. It is like a mirror reflecting a suppression pattern deep within the chakra system. In facilitating an "edge," we move deeper into the energetic complexes of the chakras, purifying long-held hidden emotions. Emphasis is on refining skills in facilitating the 'kriyas of mindfulness," fostering the release of old patterns of emotional suppression in a safe and integrated manner.

Topics Include:

  • The Yogic concept of an "edge," a doorway to deep inner transformation
  • Identifying minimum and maximum edges in the movements of the breath
  • Keys to facilitating an "edge" while being in sync with the innate breath's rhythms.
  • Guidelines for facilitating pranic purification. 

Module 6 - Guiding Collective Rhythms: The Art of Facilitating Small Groups

This module explores the art of translating skills developed in facilitating individual sessions into small-group facilitation. You will learn to cultivate a sacred space that nurtures deep inner experiences within a group setting. Central to this training module is developing skills to read the group's collective energy, guiding them harmoniously through a series of breath sequences. Emphasis is on facilitating the timing and flow of integrating resting phases in a group dynamic, progressively guiding the group towards the inner silence of meditation and the transformative potential that resides within.

Topics Include:

  • Protocol for facilitating a Restorative Breathwork® series
  • Developing sensitivity to the collective energy of a group
  • Guiding breathwork sequences that foster rhythmic harmony in a group
  • Transitioning from the activity of breathwork to the inner silence of meditation with sensitivity to group rhythm
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