Restorative Breathwork®




Module 1 - The Fundamentals

This module introduces the core principles of Restorative Breathwork®. Emphasis is on building a foundation in which to build upon as you progress through the training. Emphasis  is on learning how to work with the innate intelligence of the breath, a remarkable and sophisticated system.

Topics Include:

  • Restorative Breathwork Defined
  • Breath and Energy Flow
  • Restoring our Natural Breath
  • The innate intelligence of the breath
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 2 - Opening to Stillness

In this module Angela will provide tools in preparing the body for stillness. You will learn about systematic relaxation's vital role in Restorative Breathwork. Gabrielle will give a lecture titled Restorative Breathwork: Vagus Nerve and PolyVagal Theory.

Topics Include:

  • Preparing the Body for Stillness 
  • Supine Posture and Propping
  • Systematic Relaxation
  • Restorative Breathwork: Vagus Nerve & PolyVagal Theory
  • Being Trauma Informed
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 3 - Breath Awareness

In this module, we will introduce the Eastern practice of "Breath Awareness." Kathleen will demonstrate facilitating "Breath Awareness in Supine Posture." Class instruction will focus on the yoga of "effortless effort" in learning how to modify the breath in sync with its natural rhythms. You will also be introduced to the five primary principles of mindfulness and their vital role in working with the breath.

Topics Include:

  • Breath Awareness 
  • Demo: Breath Awareness in Supine Posture
  • The Dance of Breath
  • The Kriyas of Mindfulness
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 4 - Refining The Breath

This module will focus on refining the modification breath to include a diaphragmatic phase. The focus is on the role of resting phases to stimulate the innate breath response, which brings into play the interrelationship between prana and the vagus nerve. Class instruction will speak to the impact of diaphragmatic breathing on the nervous system, emphasizing demonstrating how to work with a sandbag. Kathleen will demonstrate facilitating a breath practice that focuses on cultivating an abdominal/diaphragmatic breath during breath modification.

Topics Include:

  • Anatomy of Breathing
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Demo: Breath Training
  • Demo: Refining the Breath Practice
  • Resting Phases
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 5 - Facilitating Foundations Practices

This module includes the protocol and essential facilitation tips in facilitating one-on-one sessions. Kathleen will demonstrate how to facilitate others in the practices of Breath Awareness in Supine Posture and Refining the Breath.

Topics Include:

  • Protocol of a Restorative Breathwork Session
  • Heart Meditation Practice
  • Demo: Facilitating Breath Awareness
  • Demo: Facilitating Refining The Breath
  • Essential Facilitation Tips
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 6 - Working With Scripts

In this module, you will learn how to work with scripts. Scripts are helpful tools in learning how to facilitate Restorative Breathwork. They are a training wheel of sorts, providing you with a structure in which to develop skills in sequencing, timing, and flow. Gabrielle will demonstrate cultivating an abdominal breath in a sitting posture. You will  receive four scripts in this module.

Topics Include:

  • Working with Scripts
  • Foundations Scripts
  • Abdominal Breathing in Sitting Posture (demo & Script)
  • Systematic Relaxation as a Practice (guided audio and script)
  • Guided Breath Practice

Module 7 - Wrap Up

As we wrap up this training, I have some final thoughts I would like to share with you! I will talk about “taking the one seat,” and once again emphasize the importance of mastering these practices yourself before working on others. And then, I will close this training with my vision for this work and you in taking it forward into the world.

Topics Include:

  • Guided Breath Practice
  • Completion Bonus Guided Audio - Awakening the Breath
  • Final Thoughts 
  • Foundations PDF's in One Document
  • Foundations Training Evaluation


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