Restorative Breathwork®
Foundations Training

Training Syllabus




Not just a course, but an investment in your practice

7 modules of life-changing knowledge


Module 1 - The Fundamentals

This module introduces the core principles of Restorative Breathwork®.  Students will learn an Eastern Breath Awareness practice designed to develop skills in sensing the more subtle qualities of the breath.

Topics Include:

  • Awakening prana - The energy of breath
  • Bringing into play the interrelationship between breath and energy flow
  • Guidelines for cultivating an attentive awareness of the breath


Module 2 - Opening to Stillness

Students will learn two practices to prepare the body for accessing deep states of inner stillness. Emphasis is on developing skills in facilitating guided relaxation sequences.

Topics Include:

  • Preparing the body for stillness through mindful movement
  • Three elements of systematic relaxation
  • The art of sequencing a guided relaxation practice


Module 3 - Restoring Our Natural Breath

This module focuses on the anatomy of breathing with emphasis on the profiling the more subtle qualities of the natural breath and its relationship to prana. Students will learn two breath sequences designed to restore the breath to its natural resilient state. 

Topics Include:

  • Qualities of the natural breath
  • The anatomy of breathing
  • The breath, where contemplative science and neuroscience meet


Module 4 - Breath and The Subtle Body

It introduces a unique mapping of the subtle body called the "Three Realms of the Breath." Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the intimate and intricate relationship between breath and energy flow.

Topics Include:

  • The subtle body, a bridge between the mind and body
  • The breath's impact on the subtle body
  • The three realms of the breath, a unique mapping of the subtle body


Module 5 - Awakening The Breath

This module deeply explores the "Innate Breath Response" and it interrelationship to the intelligence of prana. Students will gain skills in learning how to yield to the innate breath's directive.

Topics Include:

  • Common forms of the innate breath response
  • Dancing with the innate breath
  • The five "kriyas" of mindfulness


Module 6 - Facilitating Individual Sessions

In this module, students will learn our 8-step protocol for facilitating individual sessions and receive three scripts.

Topics Include:

  • The art of sequencing, timing, and flow in facilitating Restorative Breathwork®
  • The transformative role of language, voice, and presence
  • Keys to facilitating a progressive series of sessions


Module 7 - Facilitating Small Groups

The final module is about the fundamentals of facilitating Restorative Breathwork® in small groups. Emphasis is on developing skills in sequencing, timing, and flow when working with group energy.

Topics Include:

  • The fundamentals of facilitating Restorative Breathwork® in a group format
  • Keys to working with sequencing, timing, and flow in a group session
  • Guidelines and recommendations for allowing time for sharing and feedback 

Restorative Breathwork Foundations 
September 13, 2021  

Foundations has both self-paced and interactive teaching components. It includes weekly live classes with Kathleen and access to a private Facebook group that offers support for you and your practice during the training.

Live teaching sessions are on Wednesdays

Two Options: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm ET or 5:45pm - 7:00pm ET

Tuition $397 (regularly $497)

This course is eligible for 35 CE hours with Yoga Alliance and 35 CE hours with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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