Second Key Principle of Restorative Breathwork - Effortless Effort

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2019

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As we learn to attend to the flow of the breath, we must resist the natural temptation to apply too much effort or force, because doing so can be counterproductive. We must constantly remind ourselves that we “allow” rather than manipulate or control the breath. It is about learning how to relax and "undo," going with the breath instead of trying to control it. We call this the yoga of "effortless effort." In cultivating an attentive awareness of the breath, we begin to become aware of those places within us where we hold back—where we find ourselves gripping. Learning to relax and receive the breath into those spaces of the body where tension arises invites us to be fully present, open, and receptive.

Inviting awareness in those spaces where the breath meets resistance cultivates a quality of mindfulness that spans into the realm of our emotions. We soon recognize the integral role of Emotional Presence, the third key principle of Restorative Breathwork...coming up in our next blog. 


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