Flow of A Restorative Breathwork Session

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

This is part of a blog series, below are the links to all of the blogs in this series in order.

Flow of A Restorative Breathwork Session

Second Stage of A Restorative Breathwork Session - Silent Devotion

Third Stage of A Restorative Breathwork Session - Attending To The Flow of The Breath

Fourth Stage of A Restorative Breathwork Session - Stillness Meditation


Restorative Breathwork offers a sequential process of moving into stillness: first the body, then the breath, then the mind, and then emptying into the deep inner silence of meditation.

Each Restorative Breathwork session is comprised of four distinct stages, each building on the next, eventually bringing us to a deep inner stillness. They are: Systematic Relaxation, Silent Devotion, Attending to the Flow of the Breath and Stillness Meditation

In the next several blogs, I will define each of these stages and their integral role in awakening deep states of inner stillness. Lets us begin  with the first stage: Systematic Relaxation.

We begin every Restorative Breathwork session with a guided relaxation that focuses on systematically relaxing the body. Most of our breath practices are done in a reclining posture known as Savasana in yoga. This posture naturally elicits a deep relaxation response in the nervous system, allowing the body to let go of tension more easily as it begins to open to stillness. The practice of systematic relaxation requires a balance between allowing the body to let go and relax, and at the same time staying alert and attentive. Inviting mindfulness to different parts of the body and gently allowing tensions to be released can deeply calm the nervous system and bring clarity to the mind. This quality of relaxation is facilitated throughout the course of the breath session to enhance mindfulness of the more subtle qualities of the breath.

As the body begins to open to stillness, our next step is to take the time and space for Silent Devotion, the second stage of a Restorative Breathwork session....coming up in our next blog.


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