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Transform Lives with the

subtle power of yin breathwork

Restorative Breathwork® Foundations








Transform Lives with the subtle power of yin breathwork

Restorative Breathwork® Foundations  

Are you a yoga or mind-body professional seeking to have a deeper impact by offering an added dimension that fosters profound states of inner stillness that are life-transforming? Are you drawn to the deeper inner practices of yoga and are ready to go deeper? Learn to guide others into deeply healing, restorative, and transformational experiences through the breath and take your profession to the next level. 

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Are you ready to step into a world that will profoundly change your understanding of breathwork?

How do I become still? By flowing with the stream. ~Lao Tzu

What Restorative Breathwork Offers 

This online training introduces the fundamentals of Restorative Breathwork®. You will learn breath practices that cultivate a quality of inner stillness that fosters physical, mental, and spiritual vibrancy. You’ll gain an understanding that beneath the busyness of everyday life, there can be an underpinning of calm, peace, and resilience.

Restorative Breathwork® enhances profound states of inner stillness and deeper meditation experiences

Restorative Breathwork® has its roots in Eastern practices of breath meditation. It is comprised of a progressive series of breath practices designed to cultivate profound states of inner stillness. In this "inner quiet," we awaken to the quiet presence of the True Self and a deeper level of healing and transformation available to us.  

Restorative Breathwork® brings into play the intricate relationship between breath and energy flow

Restorative Breathwork focuses on dismantling tensions in the breath caused by physical, mental, and emotional stress as a means to free blocked flow. Attending to energy flow and allowing it to flow more freely can have transformative effects on consciousness, physical health, and well-being.

Restorative Breathwork® will deepen your personal practice, transforming your life

Restorative Breathwork invites you to cultivate a relationship of receptivity and openness with the natural breath. This yin-approach to working with the breath holds the potential to enrich an asana or meditation practice deeply. Whether you are new to the inner practices of yoga or an experienced student, the breath always meets you where you are, inviting you to dive deeper into its mystery.

Restorative Breathwork® is deeply rewarding as you witness your students and clients lives transform

Restorative Breathwork® will beautifully and seamlessly integrate into life coaching, yoga, and other mind-body practices. You don’t have to change anything. It will deepen you as a practitioner and help you offer your clients and students an experience that is quite transformative. 

Restorative Breathwork is approved for Yoga Alliance and IAYT CEU’s: 

This course is eligible for 35 CE hours with Yoga Alliance and 35 CE hours with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  


How your students and clients can
benefit from Restorative Breathwork®

With Restorative Breathwork®, you can offer an added dimension to your professional practice by taking your clients and students through profound and transformative states of inner stillness. Restorative Breathwork offers a simple, yet profound meditative approach for fostering physical, mental, and spiritual vibrancy.

How life coaches, yoga and mind-body practitioners
can benefit from Restorative Breathwork®

If you are a professional thinking “how can Restorative Breathwork support my clients in deepening thier spiritual growth. Restorative Breathwork® is a contemplative practice, fostering deep states of inner stillness and greater self-awareness. It offers a doorway to moving inward to the spiritual dimensions of the self.

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Deepen your practice and expand your
professional skills

This program focuses on students cultivating a rich personal breath practice. Restorative Breathwork® is a door that will open a world of inner peace, fulfillment, and spiritual depth. It will open up possibilities to grow your professional practice, adding a dimension that fosters transformative states of inner stillness that are life-changing.  


Experience the breath's vast potential for healing and transformation in this live online Foundations training in Restorative Breathwork® 

This program is self-paced and includes an online learning platform composed of content-rich modules, instructional videos, and guided breathwork audios, plus; access to a private Facebook group offering peer support and connection with other students while you go through the training. Weekly live online teaching sessions provide direct contact with Kathleen Barratt, founder of Restorative Breathwork®

During this comprehensive training in the fundamentals of Restorative Breathwork®, you will:

  • Be introduced to the essential elements of Restorative Breathwork®, its definition, philosophy, and practices
  • Develop skills in guiding others into deeply healing, restorative, and transformative experiences
  • Develop a rich personal breath practice that fosters physical, mental, and spiritual vibrancy
  • Learn a unique mapping of the subtle body called the "Three Realms of the Breath."
  • Gain an experiential understanding of the intimate and intricate relationship between breath and energy flow
  • Develop foundational skills in guiding others into deeply healing, restorative, and transformative experiences
  • Discover the transformative role of language, voice, and presence in guiding Restorative Breathwork sequences
  • Be able to facilitate Restorative Breathwork's foundational practices in small groups and private settings
Learn More About Our Training Modules

What you will receive in this comprehensive course

The training in Restorative Breathwork® is more than a 7-module course. It gives you everything you need to build and expand a career in breathwork. When you apply for the course, you will also receive

  • Lifetime access to 7 modules of in-depth teaching from an expert in the field of breathwork
  • Live practice sessions designed to develop facilitation skills
  • Restorative Breathwork® scripts that will help expand your practice
  • A library of guided breathwork audios that you can access anytime
  • Approval for 35 hrs Yoga Alliance and IAYT CEUs, on successful completion of the training


Take advantage of this value-added offer and register now.

This empowering and transformative program creates the experiential framework for vibrant and profound experiences that will enrich a personal and professional practice for years to come.

Restorative Breathwork Foundations Online Training

Details & Registration

The material in this course helped me improve my skills in teaching meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques both in one-on-one clinical sessions as well as in a group atmosphere. 

Lauren Eirk, MS, MATRx, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, YACEP

Integrated Science Wellness Center 
Founder | Director of Teacher Training

I loved everything about this training and I recommend that everyone should take it. It’s brilliant, loving, nurturing, and sacred work that is transformational for soul evolution. I rate this to be the top training in all of my trainings in 22 years or more.

Kalpana Reddy
Reiki Master, RYT, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified iRest® Teacher,
Certified Empowerment Life Coach & Workshop Trainer

The Restorative Breathwork training has profoundly changed my understanding of disease and its treatment and I have been able to help many of my patients through application of what I’ve learned. The training has also transformed my life and taken me to the next level on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend this program. 

E. Torre Hinnant, MD 
Board Certified in Family Medicine and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine

”If you are called to this work of learning the powerful art of supporting your own, and others', healing through the breath look no further—Kathleen's program and her teachings are the real deal: steeped in years of study and experiential knowing. I am grateful she has been, and continues to be, a mentor and guide on my path."

—Nona Jordan, Master Coach, Guide, and Author

Restorative Breathwork is a powerful system to help heal yourself and to learn to help others. My training with Kathleen has particularly helped me as a yoga instructor with private clients. The teachings are applicable whether they are looking simply for stress relief or deep spiritual healing and growth.

Jill Loftis, Owner/Director, Uttara Yoga Studio

Kathleen led a three-part basic breathwork class for eight clients at the mental health free clinic run by my agency. The outcomes have been nothing short of amazing! After three months clients report improved sleep, better control of anger and stress, a marked reduction in panic attacks, and the need for less medication to manage symptoms of anxiety. Best of all, Kathleen provided our clients with tools which continue to empower them in their journeys toward mental wellness. We will definitely offer this class again!

Diane Kelly, Executive Director Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley

Restorative Breathwork Foundations Online Training 

 January 31 - March 24, 2022  

 has both self-paced and live-interactive teaching components. It includes an online training platform, weekly live classes with Kathleen, and access to a private Facebook group that offers you and your practice support during the training.

Live teaching sessions on Thursdays

Two Options: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm ET or 5:45pm - 7:00pm ET

All live  classes will be recorded, so if you miss a live class you will be able to watch it at a later time.

Limited Time Offer

Tuition  $397 (regularly $497)

This course is eligible for 35 CE hours with Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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$199 per payment

Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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Restorative Breathwork Foundations 

Foundations On-Demand is for those who prefer a self-paced approach, so you
can learn on your schedule, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Limited Time Offer $297 (regularly $397)

This course is eligible for 35 CE hours with Yoga Alliance and 35 CE hours with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Successful completion of a 10 session practicum is required to receive these CE hours.



Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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$150 per payment

Restorative Breathwork Foundations

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