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Restorative Breathwork Foundations

An innovative program for students at all levels

Instructional videos and guided
breath meditations

Live Q&A sessions
with Kathleen Barratt

Unleash your personal and
professional potential

This 30-hour training offers continuing education for mind/body professionals, as well as serves as a prerequisite for the Restorative Breathwork® Facilitator Certificate Training:
  • Essential elements of practicing and facilitating the foundational practices of  Restorative Breathwork
  • For both those wanting to deepen their meditation practice and expand professional skills
  • Online learning platform includes instructional videos and guided breath meditation audios
  • Students receive mentoring through Zoom live Q&A sessions
  •  Hands-on practicum to develop foundational skills in facilitating Restorative Breathwork  in individual and small group settings

Students will learn several Restorative Breathwork sequences aimed at awakening the breath's essential nature—free, uninhibited, and directly linked to the intelligent force called prana, our vital life energy. In awakening our breath, we not only revitalize our life energies but also awaken profound states of inner stillness and our vast potential for healing and transformation.

Maintaining a consistent personal breath practice is highly encouraged during this training so that students will gain an embodied experience of the work. Ones' personal practice becomes an invaluable resource in developing skills in guiding others into deeply healing, restorative, and transformational experiences.

This empowering and transformative program creates the experiential framework for vibrant and profound experiences that will enrich a personal and professional practice for years to come.

Restorative Breathwork Foundations

30 Hour Online Training

Includes Zoom Live Q & A Sessions With Kathleen

This training provides an in-depth study and practice of Restorative Breathwork. Being self-paced, you can take this course in your own time in the comfort of your own home.